French Inhale

I’ve never been a fan of tobacco myself, but the aesthetic fascinates me.  There’s nothing quite like smoke to create atmosphere in film too.  On a related note, you’re 27 times more likely to die riding a motorcycle than you are driving a car, but that statistic only piqued my curiosity about the world of motorcycle riding, so I took a weekend to get my motorcycle license over the summer.  As it turns out, having a motorcycle license doesn’t automatically make you cool––at least not after they gave me one.  I’m probably never going to own a motorcycle; I’d be kidding myself if I thought I could rock that badass a look.  I am a skinny person, and to fit a leather jacket properly, you need to be either fat or jacked.  But something about the crowd that motorcycles draw, the style that emerges from the necessity of thick clothing, is both attractive and abrasive.  Same with smoking.

What are your thoughts?

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