iPhone Vs. Droid

I’m sad to say that @matt_logic and I still haven’t worked on a collaboration since freshman year, when we did iPhone vs. Droid with Jeff Tobias.  I was just trying to prove that I could do some rudimentary VFX stuff, without a lot of concern for the quality of the “story,” if you can call it that.  100% of the smarmy dialogue was voiced-over in post; none of the final audio was recorded on the day of the shoot.  Once we had our voice-overs and foley work wrapped up, I got to work adding in the fun stuff.  (Have I told the story about how I got Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium for free? Legally?)  The After Effects stage was about 3 weeks worth of painstaking manual self-imposed screen-squinting slave labor, late night after late night, after engineering classes and studying ended (I have since quit engineering [and most everything else] in order to do this all day long).  It didn’t help that I was working on my 12″ macbook pro screen, which becomes even smaller when you’re trying to do intensive frame-by-frame rotoscoping. (RIP macbook pro. You were a good machine, before you were soaked overnight in alcoholic lemonade. In fact, you were better than my current Hackintosh in some ways, i.e. portability…and having an internal sound card was nice…but you sucked at HD video rendering.  Sorry.)

Anyways, I hope you, the reader, haven’t already seen this (and I apologize if you have), and I feebly hope that you appreciate it (even though it sucks).

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