Paris II

These were the apartments across from the one in which we stayed. Just after sunset

I told Mike to walk in a straight line down this busy sidewalk. I walked behind him taking photos every few feet. I could post an animated GIF, but I feel like this still is better than all of them combined.

Credit to Mike for shooting this still of a Parisian subway musician. I was busy shooting video of the annoyed passengers giving the musicians dirty looks…will append soon.

I didn’t bring my lens reversal ring, but I ended up taking off the lens and holding it backwards against the body of the camera a lot, to get fun macro looks. I think I’m learning something about my personal style of photography:  It’s detail-oriented. I’m not fantastic with sweeping landscapes or big wide-angle, awe-inspiring scenic views. I think I tend to stylistically exaggerating the mundane. (…?)

We had the greatest steak frites this night…walked outside and it had rained on the cobblestones, making for some interesting reflections.  I shot an obnoxious number of reflection shots over the course of this one-month European odyssey…I’ll try to refrain from posting all of them.

Outdoor foosball. Nuff said

Guards outside the Cathedrale Notre Dame:

Just before I shot this, I had a  minor revelation; I have never placed enough emphasis on motion in my photography. So that sort of factored into the rest of my photos after this.

And I love the 16×9 format.

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